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En Aeroexperiencias, entendemos que el viajar es más que moverse de un lugar a otro; es disfrutar de la libertad, la comodidad y la exclusividad. That’s why we offer aircraft rental and private flights services for those who value their time and seek a superior travel experience.

Security and Experience on Every Flight

With Aeroexperiencias, safety is non-negotiable. Our experienced pilots and strict aircraft maintenance ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

Personalization and Flexibility in Every Flight

Total Flexibility:

Choose your destination, schedule, and travel preferences. Our service completely adapts to your needs.

Comfort and Privacy:

Enjoy the comfort and tranquility of a private flight, away from crowds and waiting.

Business and Leisure Travel:

Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, we guarantee a flight experience that exceeds all expectations

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Are you ready to experience the journey of your life?

Contact us to learn more about our aircraft rental and private flights, and start planning your next aerial adventure with Aeroexperiencias.

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Tel: +52 56 3330 8944

Tel: +52 56 3330 8944