About Us

Who We Are
Discover the World with Aeroexperiences

At Aeroexperiences, we believe that life is meant to be an exciting adventure.

Our mission is to take you to explore the world from a perspective that few can dream of: the sky. With a fleet of modern aircraft and a team of passionate professionals, we offer aerial experiences that are much more than mere flights; they are stories of freedom and discovery that begin with the roar of engines and the horizon unfolding before your eyes.

Our History

A High-Flying Journey

Aeroexperiences was born from the desire to share the magic of flying with the world. From our humble beginnings to becoming leaders in aerial tourism, our journey is a testament to innovation, safety, and excellence. Each flight is a new chapter in the story of our clients and ours, written on clouds and fulfilled dreams.

Our Values
Flight is the Nourishment of the Soul

For us, flying is more than a means of transportation; it’s a way to enrich the soul. We value safety, customer satisfaction, and the creation of experiences that stay with you long after landing.

“We strive to make every flight an eternal memory, a celebration of the adventurous spirit that resides within us all.

Tel: +52 56 3330 8944

Tel: +52 56 3330 8944